Welcome to New Life Pharmacy
Personalized Medications for Your Specific Needs
New Life Pharmacy is an independent, family-owned pharmacy in Rowland Heights, located in Los Angeles county in Southern California. New Life Pharmacy differs from traditional pharmacies in that we do dispense the prescriptions customized based on physicians' orders for patients' optimal health besides dispensing commercially manufactured pharmaceuticals.
New Life Pharmacy facilities are state of the art and we specialized in meeting patients' needs for personalized medicine. We also have a rigorous program in place to continually improve the quality of our work.
Our staff members have received training in compounding. We have support groups that generate constant exchange of ideas innovative and techniques as well. Our experienced clinical pharmacists also offer private consultations by appointment fof our patient's individualized and special needs. Please explore our website by linking to www.avicure.com. At New Life Pharmacy, your health and wellness is our priority.
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
714 253 3021, 626 839 3000
Address :
1722 Desire Ave. Suite 103
Rowland Heights
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